A compressor is one of the most important parts in any system, and it is connected to numerous systems. All the devices should work in tandem, for the working of a system. An air conditioning system is an example of compressor based system.

Air-conditioners are important. Here are the top 10 parts connected to a compressor, which helps in proper cooling. The information is collected from PMJ International.

Cooling liquid

Cooling liquid cooling agent is the most important part of the compressor. It can become hot, and cold and a complete trip around the system are necessary for proper cooling.


The evaporator coil is another important part of the air conditioner. It is located to the indoor unit of the air conditioner, which absorb the heat from the surrounding air.


The condenser coil is another important part of the air conditioner, which is directly connected to the air compressor. It becomes cool by throwing the hot air out to the surrounding.


Blower is an important unit, which is connected to the indoor unit of the conditioner. It blows air into the room, which in turn cools the room and helps in absorption of the hot air present in the room.

Expansion valve

Expansion valve is a small valve, which is present in the air-conditioning unit. It helps in expansion of the cooling agent; such that it can turn into liquid, and can begin absorb heat from the room.

Copper pipes

The copper pipes can be considered to be the framework of an air conditioning system. It helps in transfer of the cooling agent between the outdoor unit and the compressor.


The thermostat is an important part, which disconnect the power supply to the compressor, when necessary. It is not used nowadays.


The thermistor is a small sensor unit, which is used nowadays, to stop the compressor, on reaching the set temperature in the home.


PCB or Programmable Circuit Board is present in an air conditioner, in order to start and stop the compressor. It is used for the remote.


The inverter in an air conditioner is important in inverter air-conditioners, to control the speed of the compressor. It is important nowadays.