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Car Aircon Maintenance & Repair

Your air-conditioning is a complex system, responsible for keeping you cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance is important to prolong aircon compressor life.

Car Detailing

Extreme thorough cleaning gives your vehicle a show-quality level
Improves appearance and thus helps preserve resale value of car

Periodic Maintenance & Repair

To maintain your car in best condition. As the car gets older and its odometer reading increases, various parts wear out resulting to lower performance.These parts must be restored to their original condition.

Wheel Alignment

With today’s high prices of tires and worsening road conditions, we at AutoWired encourage our valued clients to give importance to wheel alignment and tire balancing. These are ways to prolong the life of your tires and, ultimately, to ensure your safety every time you ride in your Car.

Advice for buying your own Car

Buying a car can be a difficult time for a lot of people. The after care, maintenance service and ensuring the car is good and intact is tough. There are times when people are not always thrilled to buy a car. How to solve the biggest problems with cars? Read on. Bit off topic but if you’ve given up on cars and want a maintenance free lifestyle when you have to travel, check out Mayday they great London coach hire. Check them out!

Why is buying a car difficult for some?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why buying a car can be difficult. The reality of not getting your dream car may sink in. The interest rates also tend to be higher than you expected and you end up shelling a great deal of money.

The monthly payments and the car maintenance rates are also high. The experience of buying a car was really stressful. These are some of the many reasons as to why buying a car might have been stressful for you. There are various car loan institutions as well who can actually solve your biggest problems of having a car.

How can the car loan companies help you?

There are various companies who can help you in providing car loans when you buy your first new car. We recommend heading to to grab yourself any spare parts you may need in the future after the purchase of your new car. You would have to apply for the loan with your requisition and then the team of people would first investigate and verify whether you can be given the loan. Your car loan would be released as soon as you come out clean. In a traditional dealership shop, they would help you to choose the car that you love and then get that financed. A guaranteed auto loan approval will help you to get the loan as easily as possible and you would not have to wait for long. This is actually difficult if you have a bad credit rating and you have difficulty in getting the loan amount.

Easy credit auto sales

When you are trying to get a loan that would finance your old or your new car, there are ways in which you can always get easy approvals with online auto finance applications. You can get guaranteed auto loans in an instant if you refer to Whoops Wheel Fix It Alloy Wheel Repair. There are indeed a number of companies who help you to get a car loan without any kind of hassles.

Start with easy online payments

A guaranteed auto loan can give you a number of benefits. You can easily think about buying your favorite car without any kind of hassles. You can also get started with easy online applications from various car stores and loan companies

These are some of the problems that people face while buying a car and they can easily solve the same with the help of car loans. So you can buy your best car with the help of car loans. If you want to have more information on the same, you can always visit Whoops Wheel Fix It Alloy Wheel Repair.

10 Cool Compressor Parts

A compressor is one of the most important parts in any system, and it is connected to numerous systems. All the devices should work in tandem, for the working of a system. An air conditioning system is an example of compressor based system.

Air-conditioners are important. Here are the top 10 parts connected to a compressor, which helps in proper cooling. The information is collected from PMJ International.

Cooling liquid

Cooling liquid cooling agent is the most important part of the compressor. It can become hot, and cold and a complete trip around the system are necessary for proper cooling.


The evaporator coil is another important part of the air conditioner. It is located to the indoor unit of the air conditioner, which absorb the heat from the surrounding air.


The condenser coil is another important part of the air conditioner, which is directly connected to the air compressor. It becomes cool by throwing the hot air out to the surrounding.


Blower is an important unit, which is connected to the indoor unit of the conditioner. It blows air into the room, which in turn cools the room and helps in absorption of the hot air present in the room.

Expansion valve

Expansion valve is a small valve, which is present in the air-conditioning unit. It helps in expansion of the cooling agent; such that it can turn into liquid, and can begin absorb heat from the room.

Copper pipes

The copper pipes can be considered to be the framework of an air conditioning system. It helps in transfer of the cooling agent between the outdoor unit and the compressor.


The thermostat is an important part, which disconnect the power supply to the compressor, when necessary. It is not used nowadays.


The thermistor is a small sensor unit, which is used nowadays, to stop the compressor, on reaching the set temperature in the home.


PCB or Programmable Circuit Board is present in an air conditioner, in order to start and stop the compressor. It is used for the remote.


The inverter in an air conditioner is important in inverter air-conditioners, to control the speed of the compressor. It is important nowadays.

How to keep your car in prime condition?

Maintenance of any vehicle (especially a supercar) can be a very costly affair. It is more so because the car accessories available in the market for replacement are quite expensive. But there are certain vehicle care tips and tricks that can be executed by anyone without any professional help. If you are not negligent of taking care of your car on a regular basis, the expense won’t be so high.

Let us find out car care tips that can keep your vehicle in the optimal condition and also giving you the top notch performance.

Follow the instructions given in the manual

This is one of the important steps that the majority of the car owner fails to recognize. If you strictly follow the instructions that are mentioned in the manual regarding the maintenance of the engine and the other parts of the vehicle, almost 70% of the problems can be easily avoided. A successful maintenance of a vehicle also depends on your ability to follow the manual instructions.

Changing the engine oil

It is considered ideal to change the engine oil of your vehicle after you cover a distance of 3000 miles every time. This is one of the first steps that must be initiated in the maintenance of the engine. Furthermore, it is also important to alter the trans engine oil that you might be using. You have to make sure that the change of oil takes place after every 10,000 miles initially and then it can be done in every 12,000 miles covered.

Parking in a garage

It is always recommended to park your car in the garage or auto vault car storage, especially if you stay in a cold weather condition. When the weather condition is cold, there is a high probability that the battery cools down and there is not enough energy to power the motor of the vehicle. Henceforth, you will have a troublesome situation for bringing the car to ignition.

Checking the pressure of the car tires

It is an important aspect as a car owner to examine the tire pressure every month. When the optimum air pressure is not maintained in the tires, they will be more in contact with the road. As such, the car tends to use more fuel, increasing the expense and the tires also wear out faster and quicker. Henceforth, keep an eye on the pressure of your car’s tires.

Washing and waxing the car

There are many car owners who prefer to wash their cars after a road trip. But there are benefits of washing the vehicle before venturing out for a long road trip. You have a clear visibility through the windows and due to the waxing, your car gets an additional protective layer against the road grime and dirt particles. Thus, the exterior paint of your car is protected and you return home without incurring damage to the paint. Make sure you always choose the best car wax on the market.

The above mentioned are the top five car maintenance tips that helps to keep your car in the best of health.


Tips to Wisely Buy Car Jump Starters

It is really important to have a nice car jump starter, if you already have a nice car, or if you just want something that’s reliable and that won’t ever let you down. But, buying one can always be tricky, because an ordinary guy just doesn’t know all the nicks there are. That is why it is really important to learn some tips that are going to help you pick the best possible car jumper.

The very first thing you need to do is finding a reputably brand. This ought to be a well known brand, but also a brand that you’re going to get some kind of warranty with. And the best guarantee when it comes to this kind of product would be the very name of the car jumper, meaning that it should offer great customer support service that should fix any complication you find yourself in.

Another thing you need to consider when buying a car jumper is the battery capacity. You need to know that you’re getting something good, that won’t let you down the second you need it the most. So, check the battery capacity, and make sure that it is compatible with the vehicle you’re driving. This will allow you to be sure about the product, and to know that it’s going to fit your car perfectly.

Comparing the new product with another one is also something you ought to consider. This means that you should, first, compare the cost of the product to other similar products. Of course, the brand name is really important, but not if the one you’ve picked is two times more expensive than the similar one that has almost the same functions and capacities. This will allow you to get the best possible product for the best possible price. Also, it will tell you what’s the best place to buy car jumpers.

Even though you can find all kinds of battery jumpers today, you need to know what you ought to look in them, and that is something we’re going to tell you about here. The most important factors in selecting the best car jumper include a fast charging period, energy efficiency, power consumption, LED flashlights, and over current protection.

The good thing about these kind of batteries is the fact that most of them can also be used as phone or computer chargers, meaning that they’re multipractical. That is why one of the best sellers in the market stores are the portable battery cars. One of the benefits that these kinds of jumpers offer are the “gifts” that come with them. They can include zipper storage cases, impact resistant covers, LED flashlights for emergency situations, etc. So, make sure you find the best deal, and you’re definitely doing to get a car jumper that’s well worth the price that you’ve paid for it. Use the tips mentioned here to find them, and that’s our final tip in this article. Following it also means getting a great deal.

Perspex – Glass Replacement of the Future

It is believe that the future cars will have their windows replaced with top quality Perspex Sheets or a high-quality acrylic in the near future. This kind of a material has many benefits and is much better than plain glass, so it is no wonder that more and more car companies are starting to consider using it for their cars.

One of the main benefits of the acrylic windows on the cars is the fact that they considerably lower the car’s weight, meaning that they are a lot lighter than the standard glass being used in car industry. Also, it is a much simpler product that minimizes the number of components that are required to attach a window on a car. Unlike the standard glass that is being mounted on a car, that weighs somewhere around 100 pounds, but the ones made of Perspex sheets weigh as little as 50 pounds!

Therefore, most of the car companies foresee the use of lighter windows in the near future, and the Perspex seems to be the best material for the job. In fact, many of the car companies are at the moment working on the implementation of these kinds of windows, and even though such a thing is not possible today, in the near future, such ideas are going to be implemented, which is something that the research and development sections of many of the car companies seem to suggest.

Using acrylic in the car industry is not something new, nor is something new using it for windows. For years, it has been used to give more protection to the front car lights, or more precisely the headlight covers. And it is speculated that as much as 95% of today’s cars use the acrylic ones. Besides lowering the weight, acrylic also helps increase the aerodynamics of the car, adding more benefits to it. And that’s not all, because acrylic can offer scratch protection, which is something most people desperately want. Water resistance is another benefit of this material, as is the UV-resistance, making this material just perfect for a long outdoors use.

We’ve already mentioned that using Perspex for car windows is nothing new, and by that we meant that it is already being used in car rear windows, and especially the fixed ones. However, the safety laws prevent it from being used in the door windows or the windshields.

Now, even though there are so many benefits to this material, there probably have to be some disadvantages to it; that is something that most of you are thinking right now. Well, there are, and one of them occurs because of its strength – it is really resilient and does not break easily. This makes extraction of car wreck victims extremely difficult. Also, these things cost a lot, which is another disadvantage of Perspex.

Even though Perspex is something that most cars are going to use in the future, for now it is just a dream. However, it is believed that this dram will soon become a reality, and almost all of the cars are going to have Perplex windows on them.

Tips to Avoid Automotive Repairs

Do regular maintenance on your vehicle

Don’t wait for your car to experience problems before you take it to a service station for a routine check. This is a habit you can easily get used to, but this may prove to be very costly in the long run. By having your car evaluated frequently, you’ll have the very minor problems easily monitored and avoid those expensive repairs.

Check the owner’s manual for more recommendations

Follow the suggested maintenance schedule of your manufacturer to prevent the risk of voiding your car’s warranty.

If you don’t anymore have your car’s manual, call your car dealer or download the user guide from the Internet.

Make sure you know what needs to be checked by the mechanic when arriving at an automotive shop

Create your very own checklist of the things that you’d want to be taken care of by your mechanic. It’s a good idea to then cross off the things that your mechanic has checked so you’ll always be on top of what he has done so far.

These are the most common issues that need to be addressed when visiting your mechanic:

The condition of the oil and your car’s oil levels. It’s important that you have your oil changed after running an accumulated 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Your oil filter should likewise be replaced everytime you change your oil.

 The state of your brakes and tires. It’s important that you have your tires rotated and balanced to ensure your safety on the road. Brakes and brake pads may also lose its strength over time, thus it should be checked thoroughly as well.

The strength of your valves, belts, and hoses. Make sure you have your valves, belts, and hoses checked more often as they can lead up to other parts being damaged if they’re no longer strong enough. Often, other parts that get affected are more expensive to repair.

 Levels of all car liquids. Keep an eye on the levels of your car’s liquids such as the power steering fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer solution.

Evaluate your driving style

Often, you’ll easily understand your car’s behaviour if you know how to assess your style of driving on the road.

For example, driving in residential areas may require a lot of starts and stoppages.” Therefore, there may be a need to change your oil more frequently.

Meanwhile, driving without a lot of “stopping” may lead to better gas mileage and would also be “gentler” for your car. Therefore, it would help to take routes that don’t require a lot of stoppages as much as possible.

Find a trustworthy mechanic and stick to that same person

Not only would you be more comfortable to the mechanic, you’ll also find it easier for new problems to be recognised quickly. With the fact that he’s been performing routine checkups for quite some time with you, he should be able to quickly address problems before they get too complicated. In the long run, it’s also going to save you a lot of money.

Automotive Detailing

Automotive detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning, finishing, and restoring both the insides and outsides of the car.

It, therefore, goes beyond the usual wash job as you would have to pay attention to the smallest details that could help make your car look awesome says Paul Dalton at Miracle Detail.

Tip:  Begin working on the insides of the car (ensure you have the right work boots on). That way, you won’t have to again work on the exterior should you happen to mess it up while detailing the interior.

How Should You Go About Detailing the Interior of the Car?

  1. First, take off the mats and then vacuum them followed by the floor, trunk, rear parcel shelf, upholstery, and the dash. It’s always a good idea to start on top and then work your way down. This is because dirt or dust that has accumulated on top may fall down.
  2. Use a foam cleanser to clean the stains on your upholstery or carpet and then rub the latter with a sponge or damp cloth. Before you blot dry the upholstery or carpet with a towel, wait for a few minutes. Wash the area where the final cleaner was applied with a damp sponge. Finally, do the blotting again.
  3. Repair burns, carpet holes or the small permanent stains by cutting them out with scissors or razor blade. Replace them with a piece you’ve cut down from a hidden place like underneath the seat.
  4. Wash the rubber floor mats and then let them dry.
  5. Remove accumulated dust and crevices on the interior doors and on the car’s dashboard with the use of a detailing brush or compressed air.
  6. Wipe down the hard interior surfaces with the help of a mild multi-purpose cleaner.
  7. Detail the air vent grilles of your car using a detailing brush.
  8. Clean and shampoo the seats. Interiors with nylon can be shampooed with the help of a wet-vac extraction machine, while leather or vinyl interiors can be wiped down with a leather or vinyl cleaner.
  9. Condition your seats so that the leather would remain visually-appealing.
  10. Spray glass cleaner on your mirrors and windows and then wipe them clean using a microfiber cloth.

How Should You Go About Detailing the Exterior of the Car?

  1. Wipe down the wheel rims using a wheel brush and degreaser.
  2. Clean your tires with a whitewall tire cleaner.
  3. Never wash your car’s exterior with dish detergent. Always use car wash soap.
  4. Wipe down dirt on the outside of your car’s window with glass cleaner.
  5. Remove mud and other caked-on dirt off the wheels using a high-pressure water spray and all-purpose cleaner.
  6. Take away bonded contaminants on your car using a liquid clay bar.
  7. For a glossy look, manually apply a dual-action polisher.

All You Need to Know About Cars

If you don’t rent a car from supercar hire, it’s a must that you also know about car care and maintenance aside from driving.

Here, we’ve listed down some simple, yet practical things you should be aware of to make your automotive life much easier.

1) Know how a car works, what it does, and why it works such

Fixing or maintaining a car is a lot easier if you know exactly how your car works including its shift gear, accelerators, engine, and more.

2) Make sure to keep a decent and organised tool collection

Fixing a car would always involve some tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, lighting sources, even a sharpened knife. You need not have the advanced tools used by professional mechanics. The cheaper, yet high-quality ones should work.

3)  Take time to clean your car’s engine bay

Keeping your engine bay clean would not necessarily make your engine work smoothly. However, it would definitely help you locate components and other parts much easier.

4) Learn and understand all the functions of your cars

No matter how advanced your car might be, make sure to read the manual and understand all the functions of the car parts.

5) Learn how to top off and check all fluids

Checking your oil amount by pulling a dipstick is one of the most obvious car maintenance essentials. In addition, there are some other fluids which can be maintained, refilled, or drained without asking for the help of a mechanic.

6) Know how to change your oil

By using the right tools and having a little patience to do things, you can perform one of the most basic automotive tasks which is “change oil.” It’s highly suggested that you follow the 3,000-mile oil change rule even if the manufacturer says your car can go twice as much. You’ll soon discover that you’re saving yourself more money in the long run.

7) Make sure to check your car’s fuses always

There are a couple of car glitches that can be resolved by simply replacing the fuse. Just make sure to check your car manual so you’ll know on which car function a certain fuse is tied into.

8) Keep your fuel system clean

Make use of some engine cleaners and other bottled gas treatments to keep your engine clean. By doing such, your engine would run better and would work more efficiently.

9) Tire pressure also needs constant monitoring

Under or over-inflated tires are unsafe to use while driving on the road. You, therefore, should know how to check tire pressure using either electronic or analogue searches.

10) Learn how to change a tire

Driving along and getting a flat tire is an unavoidable thing on the road. Therefore, it’s necessary that you know how to replace or add some air to your flat tire.

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