Maintenance of any vehicle (especially a supercar) can be a very costly affair. It is more so because the car accessories available in the market for replacement are quite expensive. But there are certain vehicle care tips and tricks that can be executed by anyone without any professional help. If you are not negligent of taking care of your car on a regular basis, the expense won’t be so high.

Let us find out car care tips that can keep your vehicle in the optimal condition and also giving you the top notch performance.

Follow the instructions given in the manual

This is one of the important steps that the majority of the car owner fails to recognize. If you strictly follow the instructions that are mentioned in the manual regarding the maintenance of the engine and the other parts of the vehicle, almost 70% of the problems can be easily avoided. A successful maintenance of a vehicle also depends on your ability to follow the manual instructions.

Changing the engine oil

It is considered ideal to change the engine oil of your vehicle after you cover a distance of 3000 miles every time. This is one of the first steps that must be initiated in the maintenance of the engine. Furthermore, it is also important to alter the trans engine oil that you might be using. You have to make sure that the change of oil takes place after every 10,000 miles initially and then it can be done in every 12,000 miles covered.

Parking in a garage

It is always recommended to park your car in the garage or auto vault car storage, especially if you stay in a cold weather condition. When the weather condition is cold, there is a high probability that the battery cools down and there is not enough energy to power the motor of the vehicle. Henceforth, you will have a troublesome situation for bringing the car to ignition.

Checking the pressure of the car tires

It is an important aspect as a car owner to examine the tire pressure every month. When the optimum air pressure is not maintained in the tires, they will be more in contact with the road. As such, the car tends to use more fuel, increasing the expense and the tires also wear out faster and quicker. Henceforth, keep an eye on the pressure of your car’s tires.

Washing and waxing the car

There are many car owners who prefer to wash their cars after a road trip. But there are benefits of washing the vehicle before venturing out for a long road trip. You have a clear visibility through the windows and due to the waxing, your car gets an additional protective layer against the road grime and dirt particles. Thus, the exterior paint of your car is protected and you return home without incurring damage to the paint. Make sure you always choose the best car wax on the market.

The above mentioned are the top five car maintenance tips that helps to keep your car in the best of health.