It is believe that the future cars will have their windows replaced with top quality Perspex Sheets or a high-quality acrylic in the near future. This kind of a material has many benefits and is much better than plain glass, so it is no wonder that more and more car companies are starting to consider using it for their cars.

One of the main benefits of the acrylic windows on the cars is the fact that they considerably lower the car’s weight, meaning that they are a lot lighter than the standard glass being used in car industry. Also, it is a much simpler product that minimizes the number of components that are required to attach a window on a car. Unlike the standard glass that is being mounted on a car, that weighs somewhere around 100 pounds, but the ones made of Perspex sheets weigh as little as 50 pounds!

Therefore, most of the car companies foresee the use of lighter windows in the near future, and the Perspex seems to be the best material for the job. In fact, many of the car companies are at the moment working on the implementation of these kinds of windows, and even though such a thing is not possible today, in the near future, such ideas are going to be implemented, which is something that the research and development sections of many of the car companies seem to suggest.

Using acrylic in the car industry is not something new, nor is something new using it for windows. For years, it has been used to give more protection to the front car lights, or more precisely the headlight covers. And it is speculated that as much as 95% of today’s cars use the acrylic ones. Besides lowering the weight, acrylic also helps increase the aerodynamics of the car, adding more benefits to it. And that’s not all, because acrylic can offer scratch protection, which is something most people desperately want. Water resistance is another benefit of this material, as is the UV-resistance, making this material just perfect for a long outdoors use.

We’ve already mentioned that using Perspex for car windows is nothing new, and by that we meant that it is already being used in car rear windows, and especially the fixed ones. However, the safety laws prevent it from being used in the door windows or the windshields.

Now, even though there are so many benefits to this material, there probably have to be some disadvantages to it; that is something that most of you are thinking right now. Well, there are, and one of them occurs because of its strength – it is really resilient and does not break easily. This makes extraction of car wreck victims extremely difficult. Also, these things cost a lot, which is another disadvantage of Perspex.

Even though Perspex is something that most cars are going to use in the future, for now it is just a dream. However, it is believed that this dram will soon become a reality, and almost all of the cars are going to have Perplex windows on them.