If you don’t rent a car from supercar hire, it’s a must that you also know about car care and maintenance aside from driving.

Here, we’ve listed down some simple, yet practical things you should be aware of to make your automotive life much easier.

1) Know how a car works, what it does, and why it works such

Fixing or maintaining a car is a lot easier if you know exactly how your car works including its shift gear, accelerators, engine, and more.

2) Make sure to keep a decent and organised tool collection

Fixing a car would always involve some tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, lighting sources, even a sharpened knife. You need not have the advanced tools used by professional mechanics. The cheaper, yet high-quality ones should work.

3)  Take time to clean your car’s engine bay

Keeping your engine bay clean would not necessarily make your engine work smoothly. However, it would definitely help you locate components and other parts much easier.

4) Learn and understand all the functions of your cars

No matter how advanced your car might be, make sure to read the manual and understand all the functions of the car parts.

5) Learn how to top off and check all fluids

Checking your oil amount by pulling a dipstick is one of the most obvious car maintenance essentials. In addition, there are some other fluids which can be maintained, refilled, or drained without asking for the help of a mechanic.

6) Know how to change your oil

By using the right tools and having a little patience to do things, you can perform one of the most basic automotive tasks which is “change oil.” It’s highly suggested that you follow the 3,000-mile oil change rule even if the manufacturer says your car can go twice as much. You’ll soon discover that you’re saving yourself more money in the long run.

7) Make sure to check your car’s fuses always

There are a couple of car glitches that can be resolved by simply replacing the fuse. Just make sure to check your car manual so you’ll know on which car function a certain fuse is tied into.

8) Keep your fuel system clean

Make use of some engine cleaners and other bottled gas treatments to keep your engine clean. By doing such, your engine would run better and would work more efficiently.

9) Tire pressure also needs constant monitoring

Under or over-inflated tires are unsafe to use while driving on the road. You, therefore, should know how to check tire pressure using either electronic or analogue searches.

10) Learn how to change a tire

Driving along and getting a flat tire is an unavoidable thing on the road. Therefore, it’s necessary that you know how to replace or add some air to your flat tire.

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